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April 23, 2010

Mapping Education

We're again experimenting with the best ways to display data on charters and public schools in New York City. We've assembled a map that has some preliminary data: the location and name of every school in New York City, the grades the school serves, how many students are in each grade, the school's Progress Report Score, and its ranking compared to all other schools in New York City. You can check and uncheck the boxes to the left to see which schools are in certain districts or which schools received certain Progress Report scores. What else should we add? What should we take away? What's hard to understand? Thanks in advance for the feedback!


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I looked for my son's middle school and it was very difficult to find it -- hit or miss. The map is very small and many schools in District 15 are rather close together. When I did find the school, it was difficult to view the data. I had to move the mouse to see all the information, and then I lost the school again. Will the map be bigger in its final form, and will there be a way to click on a school so that one can review the data without having to keep the mouse still or risk losing it?

As for the data themselves, I would like to know more about your purposes for this data display, and your intended audience before suggesting other bits of information to add.

Charter schools are public schools. You should change the key to "district schools" and "charter schools"

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